Why cooking is a good hobby for my health

Credit for photo: Rene Schwietzke, CC-BY-2.0

Like any pleasurable thing that you want to keep on doing and have no plan of discontinuing in the future (sounds like addiction defined to me), I sometimes find a need to justify why I should continue cooking as a hobby.

There is a slight guilt to it, I guess, especially when my cooking takes on the shades of decadent tastefulness to sinful indulgence. I wake up heavy some mornings, with too much carb and protein eaten over dinner. Then I worry, too, when my kid starts preferring cheeses, and meats, and dairy. I can’t blame them, if you ask me!

Hence, I need to convince myself that cooking is not at fault here. Here are reasons why cooking shouldn’t be faulted over expanding waistlines, kids’ picky taste buds, and budget going overboard. Honestly, gourmet food ingredients don’t come cheap; and we haven’t even mentioned organic yet. But that’s quite another issue; so again, here are the reasons why I shouldn’t give up on cooking:

1. Even when it’s making an impact to the budget, cooking your own fare is definitely way much cheaper than buying already cooked or dining out.

2. With discipline, you can control the amount of salts and sodium, altogether eliminate offending additives, and substitute ingredients for healthier fare. Okay, underscore “with discipline.”

3. Cooking has a uniting effect to the family. It brings you closer to each other. Whoever said that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, I think he was also talking about families. And that’s not just the core or immediate family; it also works for the extended family. They are easier gathered when they hear I’m cooking (sounds like there’s no modesty there).

4. Cooking is a sweet quieting time — until I start banging on pots and pans or scratch my best nonstick cookware.

I am a lone cook, much like Mom, I guess. I think my son would have to grope in the dark about cooking not unlike what I did years ago, because he can’t learn from me. I love to cook on my own, and he finds pleasure romping outdoors (Except when he chases the pets to the kitchen and around the kitchen island; of course, that’s when I yell).

5. Cooking opens other interests – gardening, for instance. We have also incorporated our love of food and (my) cooking with travelling. It is a great bonding time to visit places, try their food, second-guessing how they are prepared, and replicate them in my kitchen.

I can actually go on and on with the reasons; it will be endless. I will be more healthful and attentive to the calories, taper the fats and sugar, and be less indulgent in the choice of ingredients. But cooking isn’t something I am about to give up. Unless everyone agrees we all give up on eating, too.

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